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Principal's Page

It is both an honor and privilege for me to welcome the parents and students of Big Otter Elementary to another exciting and stimulating school year.  I am exceptionally proud to once again be a part of this outstanding school and community.  Big Otter is fortunate and privileged to have parents, students, faculty and staff with strong moral fiber, excellent work ethics, and an inherent desire to succeed in all they do.

Big Otter Elementary continues to score high in all fields of competition.  Because of two fundamental components throughout our buildings:  a high-quality curriculum and an outstanding "team of instructors" orchestrating the learning process for all of our students.

Big Otter students are exposed to a wide variety of technology in a developmental, natural, integrative way on a daily basis through curricular-based programs.  Pre-K through Fifth grade are equipped with a traveling I-pad cart, computers, and interactive white boards.

We have strong parental support, dedication, and encouragement. I truly believe the greatest gift you can give your child is a good education.  By working together, we can give that gift to all children in our community.

Big Otter has been named a State School of Excellence and a National Title I Distinguished School!

Big Otter Elementary made "AYP" which is Adequate Yearly Progress for the school year 2022-2023.

We are a family, a community, and we want your child to succeed.  Our faculty and staff go the extra mile to make sure your child receives the best education possible.

We appreciate our business partners, our LSIC members, our PTO parents, and especially you.

Please Volunteer and help your school!

Again welcome to another exciting year at Big Otter Elementary School and remember - It's a "GREAT" Day to be a Big Otter Brave!

-Mr. Anthony Boggs, Principal